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PostHeaderIcon Patchwork Quilting Star Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart!

Patchwork Quilting Superstar Mary Helen Fernandez StewartI would like to take the time this evening to introduce to you a true star in the world of patchwork quilting; Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart.  I have known Mary Helen more years than I care to think about.  So far back that I cannot remember if I first met her at QSDS (Quilt Surface Design Symposium) or as members of the exclusive Art Quilt Network, way back when it was still Nancy Crow’s group.  The when and where is not important, it is the why.

For some reason Mary Helen, Susan Shie and myself, along with our spouses just all hit it off something BIG and our friendships were easy and simple, and long standing.  I haven’t had the opportunity to speak with Mary Helen in years but this week she joined Facebook, and reading her blog it was like the years simply melted away.  We are in different times of our lives than the last time we met but, like good friends, it didn’t matter, and we could take up simply where we left off!

For those of you that are not yet familiar with Mary Helen you really need to read up on her and her work!  The pictures I have included here are of her work, Merinda’s Creation Quilt, is currently hanging in the FAVA Show in Oberlin Ohio that we “visited” earlier this week in this blog.  Measuring 39″ x 61″ it is a wonderful work; with layer upon layer of stitching, piecing,
Works Gallery Invitationand embellishments, that invites the viewer to return over and over again to see what they may have missed the last time!  All of Mary Helen’s work is done like this, with airbrushing, sketching, etc. incorporated as the piece calls for it… and you are NEVER disappointed!  No wonder she has been invited to have a one woman showing at the Works Gallery!Merinda's Creation Quilt DetailA true artist Mary Helen sees the beauty in everything around her.  Drawing from her experiences, photography, history, family, or something totally in the abstract she renders her subject matter into beautiful works of art.  Married to her wonderful husband Ken, and surrounded by their children, and now grandchildren, she leaves a legacy to be proud of.  She has shown her work literally around the globe, making friends in every city and on every continent she has been.

Always true to her art, her vision, and her work it is easy to spot a piece of her artwork as it stands out from the crowd!  Mary Helen Quilt in Progress
I am very lucky to count Mary Helen amongst my friends and peers.  I value every moment we have had together and look forward to more.  I am so glad to introduce Ken & Mary Helen Fernandez Stewartyou to her today, and hope that you use this opportunity to get to know her, and her work, a little better… you will definitely be glad you did!
Be sure to check out Mary Helen’s Blog for even MORE inspiration!
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  • I just found this article tonight as I was sending out long distant Christmas greetings! Thank you for such a lovely tribute. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary helen Fernandez Stewart

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