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PostHeaderIcon Patchwork Quilting PRESENTS “Ryoko No Seishen Tori”

“Ryoko No Seishen Tori”©

Marge Burkell

In case you missed the banner on the sidebar, all of Patchwork Quilting is lucky enough to have a WONDERFUL event available to us this week!  It’s the 3rd Annual Blogger’s Quilt Festival! Produced by Amy’s Creative Side (of the same URL as the Festival) and sponsored by many generous patchwork quilting companies, it promises to be a literal treat for the eyes!  Thank you Amy!

My submission into this wonderful festival is “Ryoko No Seishen Tori” which roughly translates to “Journey of the Spirit Birds”.

This piece, which measures 53″ x 78″, was made while doing a lot of collaborative work with companies and quilters in Japan.  It seemed that at that time a lot of my work was being shown internationally, and while it traveled the world I traveled the United States teaching quilting, or in my studio producing commission work.  

I longed to be able to see half the places my art quilts could “see”.  Japan was on my “bucket” list.  While  I have never been able to make that trip I remember all the friends and business associates I befriended each and every time I look at this fun and colorful piece.  I travel, with the spirit birds, to those lands I could not physically touch, to be with those that I shared so much.

I encourage you to grab a laptop, curl up on your couch or comfy chair tonight, and browse through all the wonderful submissions to this season’s Blogger’s Quilt Festival!  Three guesses what I will be doing tonight… and the first two don’t count!  ENJOY!

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16 Responses to “Patchwork Quilting PRESENTS “Ryoko No Seishen Tori””

  • Michelle says:

    What a vibrant, interesting quilt! It must have been so much fun to make.

  • wow fabulous job

  • A Garden of Threads says:

    What a wonderful looking quilt. It has quite a story with it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Allie says:

    This is so extravagantly lovely – what an exciting quilt! Japan is on my bucket list too but I know I’ll never get there. This is amazing!

  • admin says:

    Thank you all so much for the wonderful compliments. I actually enjoy pointing out bits and pieces of it to my 22 month old granddaughter… “do you see the birdies?” LOL, I may never get to Japan either but it is a wonderful dream to have.
    Thanks again!

  • Kathy says:

    Your art quilt is wonderful. It is especially interesting to see the way you let the main figure’s cosutme go off the edge of the border.

  • mjb says:

    This is a very neat quilt.

  • MaggieB says:

    All your comments are so uplifting!

    Thanks so much for your validation. It was a treasure to make but it has brought me much more as the years pile one on top of each other…. I have treasured the friends and experiences that patchwork quilting has brought me over each and every one of them.

    Thank you all so very much for visiting my blog and sharing my vision… I hope to see you all again soon!

    Enjoy the Quilt Festival!

  • Laurel H. says:

    I SO envy talented art quilters like yourself; beautiful!

  • Karen says:

    What a great idea to visit a country without physically going. Its a great quilt.

  • Vicki says:

    Wow, it’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing it!

  • Amazing!! I have never seen this type of creative work. Really it’s very precious. You should be awarded. Good job..

  • Donwebb says:

    Very…Very precious.

  • Arletha says:

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