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PostHeaderIcon Patchwork Quilting from Hawaii

Hawaiian Patchwork QuiltingHawaiian patchwork quilting designs aren’t really patchwork quilting in the truest sense.  They are beautiful appliqué quilts.  Done in a very symmetrical pattern the whole piece appliqués are usually handed down through generations of tradition.  But here is an opportunity to make your own and design the pattern itself!

Corinne Shibley of Quilting Suite 101 gives a very concise and thorough explanation of how to do just that.  What was missing are pictures of what the finished product would look like but don’t worry, I’ve got you covered on that too, along with a VIDEO, and an idea of how to use even just one block if that’s all you care to complete!  Just flip over to “page 2″ for MORE!  

Want an idea of HOW to quilt that Hawaiian appliqué?

Not sure you want to do a whole quilt but need an good idea what to do with one appliqué?

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